I’m a Research Fellow jointly appointed to the School of Regulation and Global Governance and the National Security College at the Australian National University, where I’m also a member of the Working Group on Geoeconomics. My research is focussed on Australia-China relations and China’s economic statecraft.

Prior to joining the ANU, I was an analyst and policy officer in the Australian Department of Defence, specialising in China’s external policy and Australia’s defence diplomacy. I was previously a researcher for Beijing-based thank-tanks and consultancies.

Below you can find a selection of my recent publications.

Journal articles, policy reports, and book chapters

“China Inc. and Indonesia’s Technology Future”, Policy Options Paper, no. 27, July 2022. (with Dirk van der Kley and Gatra Priyandita)

Localization and China’s Tech Success in Indonesia, Washington, DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2022). (with Gatra Priyandita and Dirk van der Kley)

“China’s economic coercion and Australia’s resilience” in China’s Influence in Europe: Strategies Towards a Resilient and United EU, Potsdam: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (2022).

“Taiwan and the War of Wills” in China Story Yearbook: Contradiction, Linda Jaivin, Esther Sunkyung Klein, and Sharon Strange (eds). Canberra: ANU Press (2022).

“Protecting Education Exports: Minimising the damage of China’s future economic coercion”, Policy Options Paper, no. 18, May 2021. (with Dirk van der Kley)

A Balanced Threat Assessment of China’s South China Sea Policy. Washington, DC: Cato Institute (2017).

The Fog of Foreign Policy: Why only ‘least bad’ options are available in Syria, Iraq and other global hotspots. St Leonards: The Centre for Independent Studies (2015).

Preserving Peace as China Rises II: Preparing for a Post-American Asian Order. St Leonards: The Centre for Independent Studies (2014).

Preserving Peace as China Rises I. St Leonards: The Centre for Independent Studies (2014).

“The East is Authoritarian: Why China Will Not Democratise”, Policy 30(1) (Autumn 2014).

Accountable Authoritarianism: Why China’s Democratic Deficit Will Last. St Leonards: The Centre for Independent Studies (2013).

Australia and the Asian Ascendancy: Why Upskilling is Not Necessary to Reap the Rewards. St Leonards: The Centre for Independent Studies (2013).

Australia’s Asia Literacy Non-Problem. St Leonards: The Centre for Independent Studies (2012).

Submissions and working papers

Policy initiatives and diplomatic messaging to stabilise relations with China, Working Paper, 30 November 2022.

Australian Defence Representation in Taiwan, Defence Strategic Review Submission, 30 October 2022. (with Mark Harrison)

Short articles and opinion pieces

“Relations with China still on edge despite leaders’ meeting”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 November 2022.

“Why Australian MPs must dare to visit Taiwan”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 November 2022.

“Beijing cannot dictate Australia’s policy on Taiwan”, The Australian Financial Review, 7 September 2022.

“Indonesia needs the tech training Australia and its Quad partners can provide”, The Strategist, 29 August 2022. (with Gatra Priyandita and Dirk van der Kley)

“Why Indonesia Has Embraced Huawei”, Foreign Policy, 28 July 2022. (with Gatra Priyandita and Dirk van der Kley)

“Indonesia should put digital training on foreign deals table”, The Jakarta Post, 22 July 2022. (with Gatra Priyandita and Dirk van der Kley)

“Could climate change help thaw relations between Beijing and Canberra?”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 July 2022.

“China’s Efforts to Isolate and Intimidate Taiwan Are Pushing U.S. Allies Closer”, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 5 July 2022.

“Is ‘Fortress Australia’ inherently insecure?”, Development Intelligence Lab, 16 June 2022.

“Don’t believe the alarmist soundbites on the China-Solomons security deal”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 May 2022.

“Australia’s defence policy in the grey zone”, 9DASHLINE, 22 November 2021.

“Indonesia-Australia: Deeper divide lies beneath AUKUS submarine rift”, The Interpreter, 8 November 2021. (with Gatra Priyandita)

“Australia’s Answer to China’s Coercive Challenge”, RUSI Commentary, 18 August 2021.

“Clearer path to foreign research transparency”, The Australian, 12 May 2021. (with Dirk van der Kley)

“Practical policy proposals to protect Taiwan”, The Strategist, 7 April 2021.

“A resilience response to the PRC’s economic coercion”, Perspectives, 6 April 2021.

“Trade war forces universities to go global”, The Australian Financial Review, 28 February 2021. (with Dirk van der Kley)

“Australia’s silence on Chagos dispute doesn’t help”, Lowy Interpreter, 25 February 2021.

“How Should the Biden Administration Handle China’s Economic Pressure Campaign against Australia?”, The ASAN Forum, 15 February 2021.